Vaginal Tightening

Feel confident in your own body and vagina. Nuffield Aesthetics’ provides a safe and effective vaginal rejuvenation therapy to enable our patients to attain a healthy vagina.

What are the benefits of Vaginal Tightening treatment?

1 Non-invasive treatment
2 Safe and effective treatment
3 Treats multiple vaginal conditions
4 Quick and easy treatment
5 No downtime required

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At Nuffield Aesthetics, we use Forma V technology in our Vaginal Rejuvenation therapy. The treatment is FDA-approved and non-invasive which gently heats the vaginal mucosa and external labial tissues. Heat kickstarts collagen production in the skin and muscle tissue around the vaginal area, essentially creating a toning and tightening effect.

It improves pelvic muscle tone, helps with stress incontinence, such as urinary leaks and improves blood circulation and muscle toning

The Forma V monitors the vaginal lining temperatures automatically, ensuring the safety and effectiveness behind the procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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