Do not let your acne define who you are. With the right acne treatment, be prepared to say goodbye to your acne for good!

What are the benefits of Active Acne Treatment?

1 Non-invasive treatment
2 Reduces excess sebum that causes oily skin
3 Removes whiteheads and blackheads
4 Prevents new acne breakouts
5 Reduces acne scars and hyperpigmentation

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Active acne is a common inflammatory skin problem that affects over 80 percent of adults and is commonly found on the face, neck, back and chest. People with acne should seek treatment to prevent severe acne from leaving acne scars that can become permanent.

At Nuffield Aesthetics, we offer various active acne laser treatment options such as Deep Cleansing Facial (oxyAcne), oxyLED, Acne Peel Facial and Chemical Peels.

At Nuffield Aesthetics

At Nuffield Aesthetics, we offer various active acne treatment such as IPL Light, LED Light & Oxygen Therapy, Lasers and Chemical Peels to target acne at its different stages. Where ever you are in your troubling acne journey, we can help you customise your treatment for your desired results.

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