IPL Facial

Improve your skin’s brightness and unleash your inner glow with Nuffield Aesthetics’ IPL Brightening Facial.

What are the benefits of IPL Facials?

1 Non-invasive treatment
2 Able to treat multiple conditions in a safe and effective manner
3 Suitable for all skin types and skin conditions
4 Short treatment time and painless procedure
5 Results can be seen within 1 or 2 sessions

Our Signature Treatments


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This technology uses rapid pulses of light to penetrate below the epidermis, whereby light energy is converted to heat to break down pigments found on the skin. This is a perfect solution for treating a range of discolouration concerns, including age spots, freckles, spider veins (telangiectasia), and rosacea. It can also improve overall skin texture.

At Nuffield Aesthetics, we offer Lumecca IPL Facials. Lumecca delivers 3x more energy than other IPL light, reducing the number of treatments required to achieve visible improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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