Oxygen Facial Treatment

Rewind the hands of time with Nuffield Aesthetics’ Oxygen Facial treatments to rejuvenate, revitalise and achieve younger-looking skin.


What are the benefits of Oxygen Facials?

1 Non-invasive treatment
2 Quick, comfortable and safe
3 Restores the skin’s natural glow and heals acne
4 Stimulates collagen production
5 Detoxifies the skin

Our Signature Treatment
Oxygen Facial Singapore

Oxygen Facials are formulated to stimulate collagen production and nourish your skin. The facial utilises a machine that sprays highly concentrated molecules of oxygen right into the skin. The oxygen is infused with minerals, vitamins, nutrients and botanical extracts to help you achieve plumper and smoother skin.

At Nuffield Aesthetics, we provide oxyAcne, oxyLED, oxyGlow, oxy Lift and oxyLight Madonna Facial to help you achieve your dream skin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downtime for Oxygen Facials downtime?

There is typically no downtime for Oxygen Facial treatments. You can return to daily activities immediately after a treatment session.

Are there any side effects to Oxygen Facials?

While some patients may experience stinging during the first step of the treatment, there are usually no side effects to follow.