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Dr Zhang Qi

Dr Zhang Qi not only brings a wealth of aesthetic medicine experience to his current clinical group, but more importantly also practises medicine with a high level of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

In his previous position, Dr Zhang served as the Medical Expert and Regional Medical Affairs Manager who covers Asia Pacific for Merz Aesthetics (third largest aesthetic company in the world). In his role as the Medical Expert, he oversees scientific development, clinical trials and physician education and training of various aesthetic products including energy-based skin tightening & lifting device (Ultherapy), collagen & elastin biostimulatory filler (Radiesse), hyaluronic acid fillers (Belotero) and pure neuromodulator (Xeomin). Dr Zhang was actively involved in training of physician-trainers in Asia Pacific (from Hong Kong to Australia); they subsequently became trainers for their respective countries and territories. Dr Zhang also personally trained aesthetic doctors in one-to-one or group training sessions, especially when certain advanced techniques are involved or when the training needed to be conducted in Mandarin. He is an active advocate for patient safety, and during his training sessions always incorporated and emphasised the importance of patient safety and use of safe techniques.

Dr Zhang is humbled to be known as very caring towards his patients – for instance, he has stated that he will only perform procedures and treat patients the same manner he does his mother or wife. Before he was head-hunted to join the Aesthetic pharmaceutical industry, he practised in various healthcare institutions in Singapore. While serving in the facial plastics department in two public tertiary hospitals, he was recognised as the doctor with the highest number of patient compliment letters in the department. Subsequently, while serving in a public-listed healthcare group in Singapore, he also received many patient compliments.
Dr Zhang has also completed various aesthetic-specific training from around the world. Some examples include: from Europe, Master Course in Non-Surgical Facial Transformation & Advanced Facial Anatomy from European College of Aesthetics Medicine & Surgery; from Australia, Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine from Bond University; from Singapore, various certificates of competence in the full range of outpatient aesthetic procedures. Dr Zhang also maintains professional links with well-known aesthetic medical key opinion leaders from around the world, with whom he frequently shares experience. He also regularly attends conferences and keeps himself updated on the latest scientific journal papers. He has contributed to the scientific community through the publication of 5 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and 1 book chapter.

Dr Zhang believes in educating the patient and empowering patients with useful medical knowledge. He regularly features in Mandarin media in Singapore, such as MediaCorp Channel 8, Capital FM95.8, Lianhe Zaobao and Shin Min Daily News.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and giving back to the church community.


在之前的职位上,张医生曾担任 Merz Aesthetics(全球第三大医美公司)亚太地区的医学专家和区域医学事务经理。作为医学专家,他负责监督各种医美产品的科学开发、临床试验和医师教育和培训,包括基于能量的皮肤紧致和提升设备 (Ultherapy – 美版超声刀)、胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白生物刺激填充剂 (Radiesse – 瑞得喜微晶瓷)、透明质酸填充剂 ( Belotero – 保柔缇)和纯肉毒杆菌(Xeomin – 天使肉毒)。 张医生积极参与亚太地区(从香港到澳大利亚)的医师培训师培训,这些医生随后成为各自国家和地区的培训师。 张医生也亲自给医美医生进行一对一或小组培训,特别是涉及到某些高级技术含量部分或全程需要用普通话进行培训时。 在他的培训课程中,他一直是患者安全的积极倡导者,并且始终强调患者安全和使用安全技术的重要性。

张医生在他的患者和同事中以非常关心他的患者而著称——例如,他曾表示他只会像对待他的母亲或妻子一样进行手术和治疗患者。 在他被猎头加入医美制药行业之前,他曾在新加坡的多家医疗机构行医。 他在两间公立三级医院面部整形科任职期间,被公认为科室获病人表扬信数最多的医生。 当他随后在一家上市医疗集团服务时,他同样获得了集团的正式认可,因为他受到了大量患者的积极正面反馈。

张医生还接受了来自世界各地的各种医美专业培训。 一些例子包括:来自欧洲,欧洲医美医学与外科学院的非手术面部改造和高级面部解剖学硕士课程; 来自澳大利亚,邦德大学医美医学文凭; 来自新加坡,全方位医美手术的各种能力认定证书。 张医生还与来自世界各地的多位知名医美医学关键意见领袖保持着专业联系,他们定期在同行中分享与交流经验。 他也定期参加学术会议,了解最新的医美科学发展。 他还通过发表五篇同行评审的科学期刊文章和一本书章节为科学医疗界做出了自己的小贡献。